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A Comparative Review of Renewable Energy

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This Paper has been presented as a “plenary paper” in IREC 2010 conference

November 2010, Yusuf K. Gülüt, PhD EE

Abstract – The urgent need for sustainable, secure, and competitive energy is now globally acknowledged. In this report, a holistic approach to energy management is presented as a combination of the utilization of renewable energy resources together with the rational use of energy and energy efficiency measures. Five main forms of energy found in the nature are compared in view of their primary, secondary and renewable sources, and their utilization capability in fulfilling today’s energy needs. Twelve different types of renewable energy harvesting technology alternatives are compared regarding twelve criteria ranging from environmental friendliness to project implementation time, plus five basic financial parameters. The analyses presented in this report indicate that biomass has a number of outstanding features among other renewable energy types. A brief coverage of biomass types, worldwide biomass availability, and biomass-to-energy conversion technologies are presented. The report concludes with a short listing of the business opportunities available in the renewable energy industry.

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