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Istanbul Landfill Gas to Energy Project

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This Paper has been presented as a “keynote paper” in IREC 2010 conference.

November 2010, Yusuf K. Gülüt, PhD EE

Abstract – Ortadogu Enerji AS of Istanbul, Turkey has
undertaken the Istanbul landfill gas-to-energy project
after winning the tender held by the Istanbul Municipality
company ISTAC AS in March 2007. This project
includes two major landfill sites, the Odayeri site
situated near the Kemerburgaz and the Komurcuoda
site near the Sile districts of Istanbul. Ortadogu Enerji
AS has made the investment for the design, construction
and operation of the two plants, and ISTAC AS receives
a portion of the income of the project. Electrical energy
conversion has started in December 2008, currently
totaling about 15 MW in both sites, expected to reach 25
to 35 MW depending on the gas generation and collection
outcome of the sites. This report provides technical
details and salient features of the project. Lessons
learned during the execution of the project are also

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